ONE WOMAN spent 10 hours creating a wedding cake only for it to fall off the counter it was left on overnight.

Mortified the woman was left with a broken crumbled cake eight hours before the couple's big day.

Radio producer and baker Karen, took to Twitter to reveal that the cake she spent 10 hours baking and decorating was in no way suitable for the party.

Uploading a before and after shot, Karen showed how the cake was after she had finished it, complete with edible leaves and flowers.

In the accompanying photo, the cake is seen to have fallen and looks completely lopsided, with the sticks used to hold it in place snapped.

Karen Tweeted: "When the #weddingcake you spent 10 hours making dives off the kitchen counter in the night. Party's in 8 hours. What would @duffgoldman do? "

Tagging the bride and groom to be, Karen added: "#BakingDisaster#IHateGravity. Sorry, @Cementley and @hereandnow!! Can we eat the heap? #BetterStickToRadio#EpicFail "

Replying to her tweet in empathy, many users tried to offer solutions, with some commenting that Karen should use the smashed cake and icing heap to make cake pops.

"Oh no! 2 options start another batch like right now! Make sure that is even this time. Or… Wedding Cake Pops?? Idk cake looks delicious. #youcandoit" said, one woman.

Celebrity chef Duff Goldman responded to Karen's tweet,with a very creative solution.

"Make a big cake pop? Go to the grocery store, buy some round cakes and frosting from the bakery? Buy a bunch of sheet cakes and see if you can borrow a dummy cake from a local cake shop?" he said

"Go to @krispykreme, buy a bunch of doughnuts, stack them up and build a doughnut wedding tower? " added the chef.

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