As an actress, style icon, and all-around it-girl, Zendaya is an A-lister that transcends film genres.

Starting out as a Disney child star, teen recording artist, and Tumblr style inspo in the late 2010s, the actress has become an Emmy-winning, Oscar-nominated starlet and high-fashion icon through consistent hard work and skill. She now has two Emmy awards for Best Actress in a Drama Series, is a fixture in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has one Oscar-nominated film under her belt and is busy shooting its sequel. And at just 26, this is surely only the beginning.

Issa Rae likely put it best when she asked Zendaya directly, “When you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, how hard do you have to fight the urge to say ‘wow…these other b*tches aren’t even close’?” A valid question we’re still searching for the answer to, as the actress and producer never ceases to amaze and constantly raises the bar with both her work and her style!

Take a look at the roles that made Zendaya an undeniable superstar.

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