After insinuating that the nursing student is wrong for allegedly faking her abduction, the City Girls star is mocked by Karlissa Saffold over the raptress’ previous candid comment on ‘golden showers.’

AceShowbizYung Miami is beefing with Blueface‘s mom on social media over her take on the Carlee Russell situation. The raptress has been mocked by Karlissa Saffold over her previous comment on “golden showers” after she weighed in on the hot topic.

Weighing on the mystery surrounding the disappearance and return of Carlee, Yung Miami first tweeted, “THANK YOU @cthagod everything is NOT MENTAL ILLNESS!! Some ppl will do anything for attention1 I don’t see mental illness at all in this carlee case!”

Catching wind of Yung Miami’s comment, Karlissa brought up the raptress’ previous confession that she likes golden showers. “I’d play kidnapped before letting someone piss on me,” she wrote, trolling Sean “P. Diddy” Combs’ former fling.

Seeing this, Yung Miami didn’t let it slide either. She jumped in the comments section of The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram post to respond to Karlissa’s comment, “We know you will, cause you a mental ill old attention seeking h**! NEXT.”

Karlissa later defended herself, claiming that she simply “left my 2 cents just like the rest of y’all do every dam post. Now get back to work.” She also brought Diddy into the fold by posting on her Instagram Story, “Ask Diddy who da best is.”

In another tweet, Yung Miami continued to share her take on the Carlee situation as she wrote, “Carlee dead a** wrong!” She added, “Ion get it like it’s already hard for black ppl and s**t like this just make it harder smh.” She additionally retweeted a picture of Carlee with a demeaning caption. “if i send you this just know imma be gone for a few days,” it read.

In a separate tweet, the “Caresha Please” host also responded to speculation that Carlee’s disappearance involved her boyfriend and some drama with his alleged side chick. “Y’all say everything bout a man just like y’all said that nurse that ran through the red light did that because her bf which was a LIE! That b***h ain’t do that cause her bf if that’s the cause she should’ve just ran away!” she argued.

However, a user disagreed with Yung Miami, bringing up JT‘s past drama involving Lil Uzi Vert‘s alleged side chick. “Baby the same way JT crashed that car into that house because of UZI shows you that woman react out of emotions everyday about a man,” the user replied. “So let’s not act like it doesn’t happen…”

Carlee, a nursing student from Hoover, Alabama, was reported missing on July 13 after she made a 911 call about seeing an abandoned child on the side of the highway. After 49 hours, she appeared at her parents’ house.

Following police’s investigation, they found Carlee had done online researches such as “Do you have to pay for an Amber alert,” “How to take money from a register without being caught,” “Birmingham bus station,” “One way bus ticket from Birmingham to Nashville” and about the abduction movie “Taken“, raising questions as to whether the abduction actually occurred.

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