Looks like the Nelk Boys just caught a case.

If you’ve never heard of the YouTube stars, they’re mostly known for being pranksters… very elaborate pranksters. But they may have taken this one too far!

In a video uploaded to their channel last October, the squad set up a fake meth lab in a Los Angeles warehouse. (Yes, this is already overboard…) They then ordered a marijuana delivery — something you can get in big cities like El Lay these days. When the delivery man showed up, the prank began. Nicholas Aliff suddenly found himself in what appeared to be an active meth lab — that was then raided! Seconds after he arrived, an actor posing as a cop ran in, telling everyone to get on the ground. The Nelk Boys then told the fake fuzz Aliff was the “leader” of the meth lab! Can you imagine? Ultimately they acted out bribing the cop with $50k. Aliff then got up in a frenzy and stormed off — then the YouTube crew informed him it was all a prank. And that’s where things really got ugly.

Right away, fists started flying, and the mark made some serious threats — like he was going to “sue” the pranksters. And he has now made good on his word.

In legal docs obtained by TMZ on Tuesday, Aliff claimed he had no idea the whole thing was part of an elaborate prank, which ultimately led to his physical and emotional distress. He said the whole situation felt so real, he feared getting shot by the fake cop — and that’s why he got into a fight with the crew’s security.

According to the outlet, he’s suing for assault and battery, false imprisonment, and infliction of emotional distress.

Damn!! Watch the full prank (below):

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