There were lots of Versace looks on the pink Met Gala carpet, which confused me at first until I remembered Versace’s roots. Gianni Versace loved a glam-camp look, he loved excess and fashion which brushed up against the camp line, and sometimes crossed that camp line. Donatella Versace is pretty campy too, even if her designs often are not. So Donatella brought out all of that campy ‘70s and ‘80s excess to many of the looks she created for the Met Gala. One of the best was Jennifer Lopez’s look – you could definitely see the Cher/Bob Mackie influences and I felt like this was J.Lo’s “intellectual camp” reading. Alex Rodriguez wasn’t camp (yet he is campy, weird) so he just got out of the way for the most part.

Someone else who killed it in Versace: Lupita Nyong’o. I need hand-clapping emojis: LUPITA. GETS. IT. She’s someone – much like Rihanna – who does her own research about the theme, and she’s someone who studies the history of fashion, the history of hair, the history of color and all of that. The bright tie-dye shoulder piece, the gold Afro picks, the John Waters-vibing makeup… I might not understand every single reference, but I know this is CAMP AF.

Serena Williams was one of the co-chairs for this year’s Met Gala – she’s actually missing a mandatory tournament in Madrid right now – and I wondered if she would be able to do a good interpretation on the theme. I find Serena’s normal style to veer towards tacky/camp/excess anyway, but would she lean in to that? The answer is… sort of? This Versace was canary yellow and flamingo pink and ruffled and extra. She paired it with some custom (matching) Virgil Abloh x Nike sneakers. Camp or no?

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