Vice President Kamala Harris‘ husband, Doug Emhoff, has contracted COVID-19 — and even though the Veep is still negative … there’s concern the White House could be at risk.

The Second Gentleman tested positive for coronavirus Tuesday, but word is … he’s feeling okay. Harris, for her part, has tested negative thus far — and will continue to test regularly … according to her office.

Both Harris and Emhoff were scheduled to attend a White House event later today that was going to be celebrating Equal Pay Day in honor of Women’s History Month … but both husband and wife skipped it — DE for being sick obviously, and out of caution for Harris.

There’s no indication that President Biden has caught the virus — he last tasted Sunday, but the fact he spoke at the equal pay shindig indicates he’s doing just fine.

Still … the fact Emhoff is positive seems to imply that COVID has entered the White House, and that it could possibly reach the Prez and VP — which would be bad, especially considering Joe is scheduled to take a trip to Europe next week to deal with Ukraine.

Of course, everyone is vaccinated and boosted — so hopefully everyone is OK.

Barack Obama’s recent positive result comes to mind — although he says he’s doing fine, it’s still shocking anytime it affects someone of his stature … and the same would apply to JB and co.

Just a friendly reminder that this thing ain’t over yet, and still very much poses a threat … here’s hoping everyone stays safe with that in mind.

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