Vogue Williams has demanded that she would like a second proposal from husband Spencer Matthews after he recently confessed that the moment he popped the question was “uncomfortable” looking back.

The 36-year-old was triggered into remembering the occasion when Spencer spoke to pal Jamie Laing on their podcast, 6 degrees, and discussed his regrets with the proposal, which happened onstage in 2018 after a West End performance of The Lion King.

"I took her to The Lyceum to see The Lion King because it's my favourite Disney film. Not hers – mine. I realised later, this is what I would want to happen to me and not her,” Spencer said.

"We went backstage and there was Simba, Mufasa, and Nala and Scar just kind of stood there.

"And I was like, ‘Well this is going to be weird isn't it.’ I just kind of dropped to one knee in front of a pride of lions – not real lions, of course, this was the West End – and I proposed to her and I think she was a little bit uncomfortable."

Hearing her husband’s account, Vogue later voiced her unhappy opinions on the proposal on the couple’s shared podcast, stating that it was “all about [Spencer]” and called for him to pop the question to her a second time.

"I heard Spencer talking about his proposal on his and Jamie's podcast and I actually went in and felt p***ed off," the TV presenter said.

"I was like ‘You know what? That was s**t, that was a s**t proposal.’ That might be one of those things… I'd like another proposal that's not s**t and not all about you.”

Spencer sounded sympathetic as he agreed with his wife’s response, admitting that the “awkward” proposal had “haunted” him in the years afterwards.

“He tried to get me to watch The Lion King in advance to his proposal and I was like, ‘This is s**t. I don't like The Lion King. I like Beauty and The Beast.’ My nails weren't even done,” Vogue gave context to listeners.

"I fell asleep and he was pissed off at me and I was like 'Why is he so freaked about The Lion King?' and then I figured it out why I was on stage at The Lion King.

"It's actually a great stage show but like don't propose to someone there. Come on, think outside the box."

Despite not being impressed by Spencer’s proposal, the Irish host went on to marry the Made in Chelsea star later that same year and the couple have since become parents two children — with a third on the way this Spring.

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