Vicky Pattison shared a series of candid snaps

Vicky Pattison decided to dispense with “carefully curated glam shots” and to show her real self, imperfections and all, in perhaps her most honest and open Instagram posts to date, showing “wrinkles, cellulite, dimpled skin and tummy rolls”.

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Vicky Pattison, 35, was keen to share unedited snaps to demonstrate that imperfections are normal, and that even showbiz stars have them.

Shunning Photoshop, the former Geordie Shore and I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! TV star assured followers that “social media can often be misleading”, posting a series of candid photos to demonstrate.

“After nothing more than a quick scroll through Instagram it can convince you that everyone has the perfect body, no one ever takes a bad picture, everyone’s skin is perfectly smooth and they all have their s**t together,” she shared.

“I’d like to think I show both sides of the coin on my Instagram… but after a little flick through this morning I realised there were probably far too many carefully curated glam shots and fancy ads.

“So here is some of my reality- a reality that I am not only not ashamed of, but f****ng proud of.”

Vicky Pattison’s close-up shots

Vicky Pattison showed the world she understood the meaning of the word “reality TV” by posting a close-up of her unedited face for all to see, and admitted she had “absolutely no lips” in comparison to the plump pouts of some Instagram stars.

Vicky Pattison urged fans not to let Instagram affect their self-worth

Vicky Pattison declared that there is beauty to be found in “real” and “raw” photos and that everyone is “deserving of love” regardless of whether or not they live up to the latest beauty standards depicted online.

Vicky Pattison demonstrated how she looks at bedtime

With a sleep mask resting just above her eyes and a fluffy blanket tossed casually over her, Vicky Pattison showed the world how she looks when she’s au naturel, makeup-free and ready to get a much-needed snooze. 

Vicky Pattison also shared a close up of her tummy

Vicky Pattison showcased “rolls” on her tummy, expanding from a pair of unzipped jeans, and assured the world that “nobody has a perfect body”.

dmitting that she has both “good angles and bad”.

Vicky Pattison hit back against the misconception that a person is less desirable if they don’t live up to Instagram standards, sharing a selfie while testing out winged eyeliner and admitting that she has both “good angles and bad”.

Vicky Pattison in her glam mode

Vicky Pattison also shared a snap of herself looking sensational in swimwear during a sun-soaked trip to Croatia, demonstrating the two sides of her social media account – both the glamorous and glitzy and the defiantly unedited and natural.

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