The former Geordie Shore babe has always been one to share her sexy snaps and fun holiday shots to her 4.3m Instagram followers.

While Vicky seems to love sharing her mind-boggling shots on her profile, she’s opened up on her photos in a heartfelt post.

As she shared a photo of herself with no makeup and her hair pulled back, Vicky started the snap with: “I feel sad.”

After revealing women had been approaching her and telling her she was an inspiration for being real on Instagram, Vicky explained how it’s not true.

“I felt like a fraud, like someone who is contributing to the problem”

Vicky Pattison

She wrote: “I looked through my feed and I didn’t feel very inspirational at all.

“I felt like a fraud, like someone who is contributing to the problem that social media is creating in our society rather than someone who is fighting to be part of the solution.

“Glossy, filtered pics, glamorous locations, bikini shots, ads and an overall aesthetic of a perfect life stare back at me – and there are no signs of the girl in this picture.”

She explained her attitude on social media is “not good enough” and admitted she wants to project “positivity, love kindness and honesty”.

After spilling on how she’s not just the person you see on Instagram, she added: “So, with that in mind, this is me.

“I have a chest infection that I haven’t been able to shake and it’s making me cranky, I’m lonely, I’ve gained weight recently and it’s getting me down no matter how much I pretend I’m ok with it.”

She explained she was losing sleep over going to the BAFTAS for the first time after worrying she won’t fit in.

As she shared the snap, she hit a whopping 54,000 likes within an hour and fans were gushing over her honesty.

One user wrote: “Vicky, you’re one of the real ones. Keep being you.”

Another added: “You little diamond.”

A third fan chirped: “You don’t have to try and be perfect, you are loved.”

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