Brian Laundrie is probably the most wanted man in the country right now.

While his arrest warrant is only for debit card fraud, he’s a person of interest in the most talked-about investigation in the nation, the homicide of his girlfriend Gabby Petito. Police, FBI, and even Dog The Bounty Hunter are hot on his trail. Internet sleuths are doing everything they can to find any paper or electronic trail he’s left behind.

So… what do you do when you look exactly like him??

That’s the problem one TikTok user is facing. The poor guy, who goes by the name @bordhead, has already been IDed as the 23-year-old fugitive once, as he showed in his first video, which has as of this writing already been viewed over 2 million times since he posted on Tuesday:

He must already be getting a lot of false identifications coming his way in his day-to-day life because he then posted another video looking for ways to best express he wasn’t Brian. After all, the real Brian would likely deny being Brian, right? He asked:

“Quick request from everyone. Any advice on what I should say to people that think I am Brian Laundrie. Really appreciate it.”

Then on Wednesday, Not-Brian explained the urgency of his need — he can’t just stay in for a few days until the guy gets caught. He explained:

“I’m flying across the country tomorrow for my cousin’s wedding, and it’s a pretty long flight. So if you have any tips for me on how not to get attacked or accused of being this guy, get at me. Duet this or leave a comment.”

The comments were… mostly not helpful.

“Sounds like something Brian Laundrie would say”

“Before I watched the video i was like “why is brian laundrie on my fyp rn”

“Seize the moment and suspiciously nervous around town running across parking lots looking over your shoulder”

OMG are y’all trying to get this guy killed??

Here’s an actual thought… There’s a pandemic right now, man! Just wear a mask! You should be doing that for a cross-country flight anyway! Add a baseball cap, and you should be good to go!

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