A hopeful Theo Campbell has made light of the fact he's likely never to see in his right eye again.

The Love Island star, 28, was rushed to hospital following a freak accident on holiday in Ibiza where a Champagne cork hit his eye and left him blind.

He's undergone two operations and in his latest update explained that he felt sure his sight would return but doctors warned him repeatedly that there was 'no chance'.

Sharing a clip from Jim Carrey movie Dumb and Dumber where, the actor's character grasps onto a 'one out of a million' chance with his love interest, Theo made his own joke.

Writing across it he said: "My convo with the doc after asking if Ill ever see like I use to. My dumb ass."

Theo went on to explain the conversation he'd had with his doctors following his discharge from hospital: "Yeah I play a lot but you gotta laugh otherwise you cry.

"These eye doctors they don't like to give away an inch. They said the doctor in Ibiza did a very good job with the stitches. The eye is together which is the main part and I've still got it obviously.

"The outside of the eye is damaged, I can open it and I see light, light can come in so I'm not completely blind, so that is a good step.

"I said to him 'Look what are the chances of me seeing again like I used to?', he said 'No chance'."

Theo, who had been joined by his girlfriend and fellow Love Island alumni Kaz Crossley in Ibiza, said he still remained hopeful.

Recalling how he repeatedly asked his doctor if his sight would return he said in the videos filmed from the back of a car.

"I was like, 'There's a little bit of a chance?', and he was like 'No never like how you used to you're just going to have to see but it's very unlikely'.'

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