Here’s your first look at The Crown‘s fourth season, including debut images of Gillian Anderson as prime minister Margaret Thatcher and actress Emma Corrin as Princess Diana!

This season also sees the return of Olivia Colman, Helena Bonham Carter, Josh O’Connor, and Tobias Menzies, as Queen Elizabeth, Princess Anne, Prince Charles, and Prince Philip, respectively.

“I feel I’ve got to know Diana like you would a friend,” Emma recently told British Vogue about playing the iconic role. “I know that sounds really weird, but I get a great sense of companionship from her.

″I suppose, over time, you kind of start to patch together a sense of empathy and a sense of understanding,” she continued. “I love figuring people out.

The fourth season will premiere on Netflix on November 14. Be sure to check out the very first footage!

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