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In 2018 Stacey Abrams lost Georgia’s gubernatorial election to Republican Brian Kemp amid rampant voter suppression. Not to be counted out, Stacey was able to register 800K new voters in the state of Georgia through her organization Fair Fight Action. While the presidential race is still too close to call in Georgia, a Democratic candidate is leading in that state for the first time since 1992.

Stacey is working on Georgia’s January run-off election, which could decide control of the Senate. In an interview with Stephen Colbert, she said that she hopes Georgia’s organizational efforts can be duplicated across the south. Stacey’s book, Our Time is Now, gives a detailed blue print on how this was accomplished. Stacey also discussed being excited about the Biden/Harris win, and kicking out Trump come January. Here are a few quotes from that interview via Entertainment Tonight.

Colbert also asked Abrams about a number of “think pieces” written by political pundits and commentators who raised the question of whether or not the Democrats really won, considering how many pollsters predicted a landslide for Biden.

“Yeah, we really won,” Abrams said.

“There is an orange menace of putrescence that will no longer be able to occupy the White House,” she continued, using a euphemism for Trump that Colbert seemed to really enjoy. “There is an incoming president who had moral leadership and character and who actually believes in science and facts.”

“And did I mention Trump is leaving? That’s a big win,” she added. “We can get the rest of it done.”

Abrams also addressed the historic nature of Kamala Harris’ victory as the Vice President-elect, and what it means for people across the country.

“There’s a saying that you cannot be what you cannot see. It’s not quite a truism, because if it were we wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything. But it is a warning,” Abrams said. “[Harris] is a direct repudiation of this notion that women of color, and people of color, are limited in the scope of our ambitions and accomplishments.”

“We’re proud of her and what she signals is to come for America,” Abrams added.

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Stacey has been one of my favorite political stars on the scene in the last couple of years. I love her resiliency and the fact that she gives the best quotes. The “orange menace of putrescence” took me out. Besides being a lawyer, a voter’s right advocate and an overall badass, Stacey is also a romance novelist. She writes under the pseudonym Selena Montgomery and you can find her books on Amazon.

I hope to see what Stacey accomplished in Georgia happen in Texas. I plan to work with whomever I can to ensure Texas goes blue in 2024 or at the very least becomes a battleground state. But before that I would like to get rid of Governor Abbott and Ted Cruz in 2022. I am super excited to see what Stacey does going forward. She stated in her interview that she volunteered on Bill Clinton’s campaign in 1992 as a college student. She also served as a Georgia state representative from 2007-2017. So I feel she has a long and illustrious political career ahead of her. I am sure Biden and Harris will pluck her up for something in their administration.

Until then, I will continue to donate to Warnock and Ossoff’s campaigns and get involved in several initiatives to help flip the senate, including sending postcards topotential voters in Georgia. I will also celebrate Stacey’s huge win, she definitely deserves all the accolades she is receiving at the moment.

Here’s the first part of her interview, the second part is here:

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Georgia, thank you. Together, we have changed the course of our state for the better. But our work is not done. Join me in supporting @raphaelwarnock and @jonossoff so we can keep up the fight and win the U.S. Senate➡️GASenate.com #LetsGetItDoneAgain #gapol

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