Congrats to Tom Welling and his wife, Jessica! The couple are expecting their second child together, Michael Rosenbaum revealed on his Inside of You podcast on Tuesday. 

Welling was a guest on the podcast and initially played coy when Rosenbaum brought up his baby on the way. “What? I do?” he asked, before Rosenbaum assured him he heard the news from Jessica, and Welling called for his wife to confirm. 

“You lying bastard!” Rosenbaum joked to his former Smallville co-star. “But you do! You have another one coming!”

Welling’s baby news comes two years after he welcomed his first child, a son named Thomson Wylde Welling, on Jan. 5, 2019. He and Jessica married in December of that year.

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“He’s a good, cute, funny kid,” the actor told Rosenbaum of his son, who he called “hilarious.” “He makes me laugh all the time.” 

Welling is the latest in a string of celebrities to reveal they’ve got babies on the way. See more on stars who are expecting in the video below. 

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