Sewing Bee star Sara Pascoe is criticised for joking about the Titanic submarine implosion which killed five people after saying ‘it’s funny when billionaires die’

  •  The comedian made the comment on stage at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Great British Sewing Bee host Sara Pascoe has been blasted for saying of the five killed in the Titanic submarine disaster: ‘It’s funny when billionaires die.’

Comedian Pascoe, 42, posted a clip on Instagram showing her on stage mocking those who died in the 12,500ft dive to the liner at the bottom of the Atlantic in June.

Last night she appeared to have removed the video following a backlash from fans.

In the footage, shot at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last month, she says: ‘I did like it when those billionaires in the submarine died, I did like it when the submarine exploded and the billionaires drowned, I couldn’t help it.

‘We don’t have to empathise with billionaires, they don’t empathise with us.

Comedian Sara Pascoe, 41, provoked a backlash from fans after she published a post of her on stage mocking those who died in the Titanic submarine disaster

‘They could solve all the world’s problems and they choose not to, so it’s funny, it’s funny when they die.

‘What I want is the sea to get a taste for the super-rich, like a horror movie, and start coming out to get them one by one in little one man-sized tsunamis.

‘Also, it was called the Titanic Experience – what do they expect, “not to drown?” I’m obsessed with it, I went on the website to read about the description when you’re booking it, it says “Once in a lifetime” – did they lie?’

Victims of the catastrophic submarine implosion were Britons Hamish Harding, 58, boss of a private plane company, and Shahzada Dawood, 48, vice-chairman of a chemicals-to-energy conglomerate, and his son Suleman, 19. 

Also killed were French explorer Paul-Henri Nargeolet, 77, and Stockton Rush, 61, boss of OceanGate, which operated dives to the Titanic.

Pascoe is a regular on the BBC’s QI and has also appeared on Channel 4’s 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown. 

Before she removed the Instagram clip, she came under fire from fans online.

The submarine operated by Oceangate imploded in June while diving 12,500 ft to the shipwreck at the bottom of the Atlantic killing all passengers onboard

One said: ‘Did you find it funny when you heard about the 19-year- old kid aboard too?’

Another critic said: ‘I’m really disgusted and horrified at this clip. People died and loved ones suffered.’

Yet another said: ‘I like a bit of edgy humour… we seem to be “cancelling” so much of it these days. But this one? It’s a bit personal, a bit mean-spirited and, as has been pointed out in other posts, Sara is not short of a bob or two herself.’

Last year Pascoe reported a celebrity to TV bosses after a fan told her that he had raped her. She disclosed that she had been given the tip-off after the alleged victim saw Pascoe and the celebrity on a programme together.

Pascoe married Australian comedian and actor Steen Raskopoulos, 36, in 2020 and she is pregnant with their second child.

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