Sam Hunt has released a new single, “Breaking Up Was Easy In the ’90s,” and an accompanying lyric video. The song is part of his sophomore album, Southside, which was released in April 2020.

Sam presents a strong case for a relatively pain-free, pre-social-media kind of a breakup through the lyrics of the song, which he co-wrote with Zach Crowell, Chris LaCorte, Josh Osborne and Ernest Smith.

“Mainly because of all the things we didn’t know we didn’t know: there was no Facebook for stalking your ex, no Instagram stories to see if she/he watched, no SnapChat to find her/his location, and no Twitter to find who she/he is following now,” Hunt sings in the lyrics.

Through the lines “had enough of watchin’ you gettin’ on with your life, and tired of seein’ pictures I don’t wanna see, and it looks like you’re gettin’ over me faster than I’m gettin’ over you,” the song speaks about how modern love can hit a little harder.

“Breaking Up Was Easy in the ’90s” is Sam Hunt’s 10th radio single. Eight of his previous nine have gone Platinum, and seven have reached No. 1 on country airplay charts.

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