Well, this is monumental news if true…

As you probably heard, last month R. Kelly‘s criminal trial concluded with a massive victory for the victims. The I Believe I Can Fly singer was found guilty of 12 out of the 14 charges he was facing, including sexual exploitation of a child, bribery, racketeering, and sex trafficking.

With crimes of that magnitude, it’s not surprising he faces a sentence of anywhere from ten years to life in prison. But there’s a heck of a big difference between a decade and the rest of your life. Kelly’s sentencing hearing is set for May 4 of next year. In the meantime we imagine his legal team is doing everything they can to figure out how to get the judgment closer to the minimum ten.

According to a report on entertainment gossip site Dreddsworld, the R&B icon himself has a plan: snitching!

That’s right, a source purportedly close to Kelly told the outlet he is ready to work with federal prosecutors and give up the names of other “celebrities” who he claims to know committed similar crimes:

“ and his team are working with the feds to reduce his prison time. He’ll provide evidence against other celebrities who were pedophiles, and they’ll reduce his sentence.”

The insider says Kelly has the goods on at least two men who engaged in sexual relations with underage girls. While either the source wouldn’t name them (or Kelly hadn’t shown his hand yet), they did reveal one is a “rapper” and another is a “huge singer.”

Of course, that doesn’t really narrow it down. Over his years as a producer, Kelly has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, including JAY-ZUsherJustin BieberNick CannonChance The RapperChris BrownJa Rule… heck, he’s even collaborated with Lady GaGa and Celine Dion. And who knows who else he’s just hung out with running in those circles?

We have no idea if this insider is on the level, much less if Kelly is telling the truth about having witnessed crimes against children. We mean, he’s hardly the most reliable source at the moment.

But we will say it’s worth looking at for prosecutors. Getting more potential pedophiles off the street is always a good thing, but even better if they’re high profile. It looks good for law enforcement to make an example of celebrity offenders.

Obviously it’s possible R. Kelly is full of crap, but hey if the investigations don’t go anywhere, well, neither is he, right?

Do YOU think Kelly is really planning to flip on other music stars??

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