This is brutal!

R. Kelly‘s daughter says her days of attending college were unexpectedly cut short when the R&B singer stopped paying her tuition — which he had previously agreed to do — and she was prevented from enrolling in classes because of an unpaid bill from a previous semester. WTF, R. Kelly?!

According to a new report out in TMZ, the crooner’s daughter Joann Lee — AKA Buku Abi — was attending an art school in California up until last fall when she tried to sign up for the new semester of classes, only to be denied by the school because of a previously unpaid bill.

The legal agreement between the singer and his ex-wife Drea states that Kelly must pay for Joann’s tuition and education expenses up until she turns 23 years old. That’s a probably, because she wasn’t yet 23 when he cut her off apparently without warning last fall — and she eventually had to drop out of college because of it! So brutal!!!

Kelly didn’t just stop paying tuition, though; he reportedly also stopped paying for the apartment Joann had been living in while at school. He even stopped paying for books and other education expenses, too, forcing her to move out of her place and completely withdraw from school. So unfortunate!!!

Now, the singer has an excuse for al this: his crisis manager, Darrell Johnson, told the news outlet that Kelly is only required to pay for his children’s educational expenses if he receives the billing statements and proof of expenses — and now, the singer claims he NEVER saw the bills, thus apparently assuming that she had dropped out on her own.

That seems like kind of a flimsy excuse to cut the poor girl off so abruptly. Wouldn’t it make more sense to, ya know, reach out to Drea and ask whether Joann was still going to college, and whether he should continue to make payments after seeing the bills, rather than cut the poor girl off so abruptly? That’s just us…

For Joann’s part, she honestly just wants to go back to college — and she hopes the R&B singer has the funds to help her out. Whether he actually does have the money now… well… that’s another story. There’s no real chance for a father-daughter relationship here — the girl called Kelly “a monster” back in January after Surviving R. Kelly came out — but she seems to want what’s rightfully hers based on what Kelly and Drea agreed upon in the court documents outlining their custody agreement.

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