Tom Cruise either lives full-time in England now or he spends most of his time there. Most of his movies film there, and he’s becoming a regular at events like Wimbledon. So it makes perfect sense that Cruise would want a huge, royal premiere for Top Gun: Maverick. They’ve already done a big premiere event in San Diego, when the studio rented out the decommissioned USS Midway and Tom piloted a helicopter onto the carrier. Now Cruise is going to a James Bond-style royal premiere in London next week, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are the headlining royals:

Kate Middleton and Prince William are making their red carpet return — alongside Tom Cruise! The royal couple will join the actor for his U.K. premiere of Top Gun: Maverick on May 19 in London’s Leicester Square. The event will likely see Kate, 40, in full Hollywood glam — like when she glittered in gold for the James Bond premiere last September.

The London premiere won’t be the first time William and Kate have seen the highly anticipated film. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were reportedly treated to a special screening of the Top Gun sequel at the invitation of Cruise, who had heard William was a fan of the 1986 original movie.

William, who was a Royal Air Force helicopter pilot himself, and Kate will walk the red carpet next Thursday and then be introduced to Cruise and other cast members, like Miles Teller, who plays the son of Cruise’s late comrade Goose, from the original movie. The royal couple will also be introduced to film studio executives and the movie’s director Joe Kosinski, and representatives from The Film and TV Charity.

The premiere will be hosted by Paramount Pictures and The Film and TV Charity and will be the 72nd Royal Film Performance put on by the charity in its almost 100-year history. The charity supports hundreds of thousands of people working behind the scenes in Britain’s film and television industry and was called upon, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic when many technicians and skilled craftspeople lost their livelihoods.

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The No Time To Die royal premiere last year benefited charity too. I’m not exactly sure how or what kind of money is actually raised for “charity,” but God bless. I went back and looked at the photos of Will and Kate at the No Time to Keen premiere last September… people really did love Dynasty Kate in her gold dress and her hairpiece mountain. I wonder if she will go that “glam” for this premiere, or if she’ll recycle some doily dress. Hm.

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