Over the weekend, royal sources sniffed to the Telegraph that Prince Charles and Prince William had not “received” a copy of Prince Harry’s memoir, not that Charles would read it anyway. It was a reminder that A) everything about the memoir is being kept very close-hold and B) the Windsors are beyond pissed that Harry is working with an American publisher who cannot be bullied, cajoled or threatened by the royal establishment. I feel like this Page Six story is related to that previous story – according to the Murdoch press, the memoir release date might be in the air… because Harry is concerned how his “truth bombs” might go over in Salt Island? LOL.

Prince Harry’s hotly anticipated memoir may be pushed back to 2023, according to publishing sources. The renegade prince’s book was due to be released in time for the holidays — the hottest time of the year for book sales — and would have gone head to head with Michelle Obama’s latest book, “The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times,” out November 15.

Now, one source in the know said that “things are up in the air” for the pub date.

Industry chatter has been heating up as Harry’s book is still not available on Amazon or elsewhere for all-important pre-sales. From a bookseller perspective, pre-order numbers are a good early indicator of a book’s success and can lead to retailers increasing their initial orders.

While another publishing source confirmed there had been talk of a November publication date, they added: “I have heard that Harry has some truth bombs in his book that he is debating on whether to include or not. So this [push back is] no surprise if he needs more time to work on the book.”

According to another industry insider, Harry’s publishing deal will call for a big promo tour to sell the memoir. This will include making the rounds of the network morning shows — and a possible sit-down with his friend, CBS’ Gayle King. It will also likely see him back in the UK after leaving the royal family for California in 2020.

“There is a commitment for a number of weeks and dates and what that entails. His team will be confirming obligations now for a pretty robust and comprehensive promo tour,” the industry insider told Page Six. “It will also have to be international, and that means the UK — one of the book’s biggest audiences.”

Another book source said it’s too early yet to be talking about promotion without knowing the book publication date. A Sussex rep was unavailable for comment.

[From Page Six]

My first thought was that this was some sort of diversionary tactic to get Salt Island to relax before Harry blitzes them with a full press tour in November. Harry and the publisher know full well that as soon as the palace gets any kind of advanced warning, they’re going to unleash hell on Harry. They’ll go for a full oppo dump and they’re just dumb enough to tell on themselves. I have to laugh at this though: “It will also have to be international, and that means the UK — one of the book’s biggest audiences.” As we’ve seen with Meghan’s Archetypes podcast this week, it doesn’t matter if something Sussex-related isn’t specifically FOR Salt Island, Salt Island will consume it anyway. I seriously doubt Harry will do any promotion in the UK… and those people will read it anyway. Besides, the core audience for the memoir is not Salt Island, it’s the world. We saw that with the Sussexes’ Oprah interview too – everyone wanted to watch it, everyone did watch it.

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