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Naga Munchetty, 45, confessed that she and co-host Charlie Stayt, 58, have a special on-air relationship that’s the reason behind their lovability on BBC Breakfast. They have been working alongside each other for 11 years since she joined the team in 2009, and the presenters regularly engage in playful banter and cheekily mock one another.

Like all great TV couples, I think Charlie and Naga have a special form of telepathy

Richard Osman

She was over the moon when Pointless quiz show star Richard Osman, speculated they may have some sort of “telepathic” power to communicate, as their dialogue runs so smoothly regardless of auto-cue prompts.

During the show, Richard seemed to be taken by their on-screen relationship.

“Like all great TV couples, I think Charlie and Naga have a special form of telepathy,” he wrote, sharing his observation.

“The sort of telepathy where you whisper answers to each other.”

It wasn’t long before Naga came across the post and made it very clear that she agreed.

“YES!!!” she exclaimed, with a laughing face.

Fans of the show and the TV couple, rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on their on-screen “banter”.

One said: “I agree! And I love the ying and yang!”

“Always love it when you & Charlie are on together #BBCBreakfast,” a second agreed.

A third joked: “Bet I know who does the most whispering! (Sorry Charlie, not you lol).”(sic)

“It’s the looks each way that crack me up,” another referred to their playful bond.

Naga has already revealed that the “teasing never stops” on the BBC red sofa, even when Charlie heckled her for trying to mimic a French accent.

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Sports presenter Sally Nugent, had just finished a report where Liverpool Football Club’s Jurgen Klopp commented on a French journalists “very erotic voice”, and Naga gave it a go for herself.

“Well, may I just say that I was very pleased he enjoyed my translation,” she mimicked.

Sally laughed: “Was it you?”

Charlie suddenly interrupted before she could reply, with a brutal swipe against his co-host: “Sorry, what was that? What was that accent?”

Naga looked frustrated by his comment, which she chose to ignore for several seconds of awkward silence.

Sally was trying to stifle her giggles as Naga totally ignored Charlie’s quip.

But clearly still frustrated by the jibe, she quickly clarified: “And to be clear, it was a French accent! And that’s what Mr Klopp was listening to.”

Charlie sarcastically fired back: “Ah, I thought it was kind of… I thought it had a sort of Mexican feel to it.”

Sally interjected: “You should have done it because he was actually listening to a man.”

“Oh, there you go Charlie,” Naga insisted he should have stepped up as he joked: “I’ll work on it, OK.”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 4am on BBC One.

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