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Naga Munchetty spoke out on Twitter to her 217,4000 followers after stumbling across a disturbing article on the rise of aggressive “cannibal” rats. Although the BBC Breakfast host was disturbed by the material, she “couldn’t not share” the story, as the Guardian piece appeared on the timelines of her “horrified” fans.

Couldn’t not share

Naga Munchetty

She wrote in earnest: “I wish I hadn’t just read this. Couldn’t not share it though…Sorry!

“Summer of the cannibal rats! Hungry, aggressive, highly fertile – and coming to our homes.”

One tweeter described the content as an “absolute fear” as others vowed to prevent an infestation at all costs.

One said: “Jesus. 2020 just gets better and better. First Australia’s on fire. Then the pandemic. Then murder hornets. And now cannibal rats!! *shudder* What is wrong with this year?!?! *holds head in hands*.”


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Another replied: “Don’t worry, your cats should deal with them. If not I can lend you a champion catcher.”

A third commented: “Thanks Naga. I hate rats even more now. I’m off to live in a sealed concrete bunker now.”

The revelation of the growing number of cannibal rats has occurred during the lockdown, which has seen many restaurants suspend business.

The spike in eatery closures has cut off many rats food supply, with roads cleaned of wasted items.

This has made rats hungrier than ever, and the Guardian claimed they are now following us home for dinner.

The newspaper explained: “When restaurants closed, and city streets and back alleys emptied of people and their waste, rats lost a plentiful supply of food.

“So they followed us home, foraging and breeding in our gardens, drains and household voids.

“They became more brazen and aggressive. And, when that wasn’t enough, they began to eat each other.”

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Naga is renowned for living a fit and active lifestyle away from her journalism commitments.

She has achieved sporting accolades including running the London Marathon and cycling 100km for Ride the Night 2015.

The morning news presenter also took up golf in 2008 and now plays a handicap of nine.

Alongside those achievements, Naga has appeared on popular dance show Strictly Come Dancing.


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Reflecting recently on her first appearance on the show, Naga told Her Spirit podcast: “I’m trying not to swear, I’m trying not to use bad language, I was absolutely bricking it, absolutely bricking it and you do, [it] way out of my comfort zone.

“You never have enough time to rehearse and learn.

“You’re learning in a completely different way and one thing I learned from Strictly is the way my mind works.”

She revealed how tough learning the dances were on the programme because her mind is often overwhelmed from working in the busy newsroom. 

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