Montana Tucker goes through the decades in the exclusive premiere of her new music video for her just released song “Sunday Funday“!

The 27-year-old also shared some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos with us, which also feature her friends Luis Capecchi, Noah Schnacky and SEBAS.

“I want ‘Sunday Funday’ to put people in a good mood and make them put all their stress and worries behind them,” Montana told JJJ.

“There is so much negativity going on in our world nowadays and I want my song to make them feel better and want to get up and dance!” she continued. “Sunday is a day that everyone usually relaxes and has fun so I want people to feel like that every time they hear ‘Sunday Funday!’”

“The concept of the video is showing my girls and I on a road trip, traveling through time! We start in the 50s, 60s/70s, 80s, and then 2020. I have some fun cameos in it and of course lots of dancing!” Montana added about the video.

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