Stephanie Grisham was, at various points, Donald Trump’s press secretary and Melania Trump’s chief of staff. Grisham was a true insider, and she was there for nearly the entire “Trump administration.” She only quit her job following the January 6th insurrection, which should tell you a lot. Anyway, Grisham has written a memoir about the Trump years and it’s been widely excerpted in recent weeks. We heard stories about how Melania flatly refused to tell insurrectionists to stand down on January 6th. We heard stories about how Donald Trump sexually harassed female staffers and how he once called up Grisham to talk about his toadstool. Some of the latest excerpts involve Grisham trying to capture just how f–king weird and lazy Melania was during her entire time in the White House. Some highlights:

Melania’s nickname: Grisham reveals much of what she saw of a first lady the Secret Service nicknamed “Rapunzel,” The Washington Post reports, because like the beautiful woman trapped in a tower, Mrs. Trump rarely left the confines of the White House. Agents even requested the assignment of protecting the first lady because it allowed them more time with their families, Grisham alleges in the book.

The infamous “I really don’t care do U” jacket: There’s an entire chapter in the book about Mrs. Trump’s infamous “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” jacket she wore to visit migrant children in Texas, according to the Post. Grisham reportedly writes that she was too busy organizing the trip to keep the first lady from wearing the $39 Zara jacket on the well-photographed stop at the border with Mexico. Back at the White House, Grisham writes — according to The New York Times — she and Mrs. Trump were in the Oval Office when the president asked, “What the hell were you thinking?” He later decided to say in a tweet that the jacket’s message was directed at the “Fake News Media.”

Melania Unleashed: “After the Stormy Daniels story broke and all the allegations that followed from other women,” Grisham reportedly writes, “I felt that Mrs. Trump was basically unleashed.” Taking the arm of a military aide hand-selected for his good looks at her husband’s State of the Union address, cropping the president out of photos she posted and leaving him out of her tweets were ways Mrs. Trump tried to needle her husband, according to reports about the book.

Melania’s final days in the White House: As the presidency progressed and came to an end, Grisham reportedly claims Mrs. Trump was more disinterested in doing what was expected of her. Sleeping through election night and attending a photo shoot of a rug on Jan. 6 — while declining to comment on the attack at the U.S. Capitol that day — are cited as examples.

Mel loves a photoshoot: Mrs. Trump, a former model, apparently never lost interest in photo shoots, however. According to the Post’s report on I’ll Take Your Questions Now, she spent hours recreating a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the White House tennis pavilion because she didn’t get the right shots weeks earlier and wanted different photos. Grisham even reportedly refers to the first lady’s photo albums as one of “her two children.”

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I’m left feeling that Melania is just a profoundly weird person. It’s not that she’s a shell of her former self – I think this is just who she is. She didn’t want to do anything so she didn’t. She didn’t want to leave the White House so she didn’t. She wanted to arrange photoshoots for her personal photo albums and that’s what she did. People wanted to ascribe all of these motivations (both good and bad) to Melania throughout her husband’s time in the White House, but really… she was just this vapid woman who never gave a sh-t.

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