If you were loving those conspiracy theories about Melania Trump having a body double that attended events in her place, we have some unfortunate news for you.

Both USA Today and BuzzFeed are debunking the theories that Melania has a body double.

USA Today reported, “Based on our research, the conspiracy theory that the White House has used a body double to sub for Melania Trump is FALSE. The White House and President Donald Trump have denied it, and the photos and videos that have been cited as proof of the theory have been anomalies. After all, no one looks the same in every photo that is taken of them.”

The #FakeMelania rumors blew up last weekend after a photo of Melania looking very different spread around the internet. Then the rumors continued with her appearance just the other day.

Pictured here: Melania was back on the campaign trail on Saturday (October 31) to make appearances in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

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