This not exactly just in, folks:

People on the Internet often suck.

Mackenzie McKee, the veteran Teen Mom OG cast member who has three kids and one very troubled marriage, just found this out the hard way.

This past Tuesday, the 25-year old posted some new photos of her children — Jaxie, Gannon and Broncs — having fun with their mother at a local pool.

“These kids,” she wrote as a basic caption, including with these words a handful of heart emojis.

How nice, right? How totally and completely harmless, right?

There’s no way anyone out there could took issue with adorable pictures such as the one above and the one below, right?

Sadly: Wrong.

According to The Blast, one person took aim at McKee’s youngest son, Broncs, stating that it appeared as though he had “rotten teeth.”

Yes, a total stranger slammed a toddler who having “rotten teeth.”

Numerous other people, meanwhile, also expressed their concerns for the little one, with several suggesting that Broncs may be sick or could even be battling cancer.

Yup, some people really said that.

Anyone remotely familiar with Mackenzie is aware that her mother died last year.

Her mother died of cancer, to be exact.

So you can only imagine how McKee must have felt to read these kinds of insults being hurled at her kids.

Actually, check out: We can’t really imagine. How awful.

In a post shared to her Instagram Story Wednesday night, the veteran reality star wrote, “from here on, any photo I post of my children I will be turning off commenting.”

For good reason, we’d say.

Mackenzie went on to trash those who had left negative comments directed at her children, writing:

“I am so sad that adults comment hateful stuff about children.”

She said that her followers can “talk about me all you want.

“But please, refrain from saying anything negative about my kids.”

McKee added that anyone who speaks badly of her children could “be blocked” in the future.

McKee’s son, who had heart issues as a baby and was in the NICU, has also been in physical therapy due to the star having had gestational diabetes during her pregnancy. 

These poor kids have been through a lot.

And that’s before we even delve into the marital difficulties that have plagued their parents.

Multiple times over the past year or so, Mackenzie has said she was leaving her husband; first because he admitted to cheating on her last summer… and then because she thought he cheated on her this spring.

With her cousin.

As it turns out, though, Josh was NOT sleeping with Mackenzie’s cousin.

So now, as far as we understand it, Mackenzie and Josh are back together, living in the same home and co-parenting as if nothing happened.

It’s a mess, that much is certain.

Can anyone really blame McKee for not wanting to deal with awful social media users on top of everthing else?

We sure can’t.

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