Luke Bryan has released “Down To One,” the fourth single from his seventh studio album Born Here Live Here Die Here.

The romantic song, which is about a couple enjoying a truck bed night, surrounded by stars and beer, gives the listeners the feel of having been there.

“We were down to 1 AM / Listening to one more song / Thinking I want more than just one night out here with you alone,” Bryan sings in the chorus. “Down to that last Bud Light in the back of that two-tone, half-ton / My heart was telling me that one more kiss and I’d be done / Down to one hand in mine / Down to one beautiful smile / I was done with the girl I want / Straight falling in love / Right there that night / Down to one.”

Dallas Davidson, Justin Ebach and Kyle Fishman wrote the song.

“Down to one is a real kind of typical song from me that you’d expect through the years,” Bryan says in a video about the story behind the song. “It just sounds like a big ol’ hit. A guy and a girl out there in the middle of nowhere, enjoying a romantic moment together, and I always feel like you’ve gotta have those on an album.”

Bryan had earlier released “One Margarita,” “Knockin’ Boots” and “What She Wants Tonight” from Born Here, Live Here, Die Here.

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