Theo Campbell was accused of "bullying tactics" amid Georgia Harrison blackface row.

Georgia has denied claims she was a racist after controversial pictures of her posed in blackface surfaced online from more than a decade ago.

In the snap, the former islander sported blackface make-up while she larked about with two young boys who both had their faces painted in a crowded setting.

Now fellow Love Island star Theo has been put on the hot seat after he weighed in to defend the beauty amid the spat that has taken Twitter by storm.

Shipwrecked star Sean Austen Lineker accused Theo of "bullying tactics" while The Challenge star Esther Falana insisted he shouldn't step in to defend Georgia.

Sean wrote: "And you're just lucky your playground bullying tactics got edited out of the show."

Blackface is theatrical make-up used on mainly on non-black actors to create a caricature of a black person.

Esther branded Georgia's behaviour "unacceptable" but she said it could be down to a "lack of education" and she claimed Theo shouldn't be speaking about the issue.

She added: "Theo shouldn't even be talking. It's all good and well the good things she may have done for the LBGT and extra but the reality is she has offended people.

"Whether it be lack of education or knowledge on black history, and the struggles we have had to go through or her being young silly and immature. It is still unacceptable.

"So it was funny at the time to paint your face black and scare children? What are black faces suppose to be scary? Why didn't she paint her face white? To be honest I'm not surprised by Theo backing this nonsense."

Theo added fuel to the fire when he stepped in to defend Georgia amid the vicious fight.

The Love Island hunk pointed out Georgia couldn't speak for herself because she has been away filming The Challenge in the US while the social media storm rages on.

He said: He penned: "I wasn’t going to say anything as it’s BS to me. But think, loveisland is 10x bigger over here then the challenge is in the U.S.

"If anyone thought she was being racist it would have been picked up on it already. @georgiaharisonx is away filming atm so can’t tell us who she was." (sic)

It comes after Georgia's representative hit back at the claims she is a racist by calling them "disgusting and really worrying".

The television sensation claimed she has been subjected to a "bullying campaign" following the images being circulated.

The Love Island bombshell revealed the images are from a kid's face-painting birthday party she had attended more than 10 years ago in 2014.

Georgia recalled the birthday boy asked her to get her face painted black and silver.

A spokesperson said: "The claim that Georgia is racist is disgusting and really worrying.

"Georgia attended a kid’s birthday party about 10 years ago, and it was a face-painting party.

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