Shaughna Phillips has revealed that she has tested HPV positive following a routine three-year smear test.

The 28 year old gave her 1.5 million followers the health update on Instagram Stories on Sunday.

Shaughna spoke of how “initially terrified” she was when she learned of her results and described the experience as “scary” as she opened up to fans.

Posting a photo of a cervical screening leaflet, the Love Island star wrote: “A few weeks ago I told you that I was having my routine 3-year smear test, and urged anyone who’s missed their appointment or thinks they’re overdue one to book.

“Yesterday I received my results and have had changes to some of the cells called “borderline changes” that require further examination. I also tested HPV positive.

“Of course, I was absolutely terrified initially and although everyone I’ve spoke to has reassured me how common this is, it is still scary.”

Human papillomavirus (HPV ) is often passed on through sexual contact and has no symptoms, however some forms can lead to genital warts or cancer.

There are two type of HPV positive results: a positive found with no abnormal cells, which would require a patient to attend a screening for two consecutive years if they still have HPV. If they are positive after three years, the patient will need a colposcopy.

The second type of positive result is one with abnormal cells and the patient would need to have a colposcopy straight away.

Continuing on with her update, Shaughna wrote: “There’s certain language used that I didn’t realise I still have a real hard time hearing, “biopsy”, any word ending with “oscopy”, and of course, “cancer”, are all associated with trauma for me.

“So reading them in a letter addressed to me really, really knocked me.”

The reality star had a breast cancer scare in 2017 after she found a lump six months after her dad died from pancreatic cancer.

Shaughna had been preparing to have her breasts uplifted when she discovered the lump and immediately went to the doctor, who told her it was a blocked milk duct to her relief.

“I follow some amazing women, @iamlaurenmahon & @kathbum to name a few, who have spoken about their smear results, and it instantly reassured me and made it less scary!” the star told fans on Sunday.

“So, I thought I would share this update in the hope that there’s someone out there who might feel less alone, and less afraid. Will keep you updated.”

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