After celebrating her one year anniversary with boyfriend Dami Hope, Indiyah Polack has teased fans with what they can expect next from the couple.

The Love Island fan favourites met on the 2022 summer series of the ITV2 dating show and provided viewers with plenty of drama.

Casa Amor almost split them up and they had plenty of ups and downs, however, they're still going strong on the outside more than a year later.

July marked the year anniversary of the 24-year-old and Dami, 27, so naturally fans are wondering what's in store for the future.

Speaking to the Mirror at the launch of her new Pretty Little Thing collection, Indiyah said that she is expecting a proposal soon.

When asked what her future plans , she replied: "Oh, don't know maybe a nice car, nice ring."

She added: "No babies for now, but maybe we can do cats and dogs. We can do a house… marriage."

Indiyah continued: "I'm into both [cats and dogs] I am more on the cat side, like a big fluffy version."

Speaking on how comfortable the couple feel together, she said : "We've only been together a year but sometimes it feels like, 'wow, like, this feels way longer than a year'. But I think that's a good thing though; to feel like you've been with your person forever."

After winning over more than Dami's heart on Love Island, Indiyah has been able to stop her former job as a hotel waitress.

She is now a presenter on the Love Island podcast with Sam Thompson and has had stints on Love Island: Aftersun alongside Maya Jama.

The star also has recently launched an incredible collection with Pretty Little Thing as well as a collaboration with Boots which she landed last year.

When asked what's next for the rising star, Indiyah revealed: "I would probably say just perfecting my presenting skills – that's something I definitely want to like, get stronger at. And just seeing where life takes me.

"I'm very much keen on like dipping my fingers into anything that actually excites me – I love doing hair and makeup, I'm into beauty, I'm into fashion and like I've touched on that on my PLT collection, [and] doing beauty with Boots.

"So just doing things that bring me joy and I like to be on the move – so I'll do one thing, do it and then I'm like, 'Okay, now what?' I'm very constantly going."

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