New Year's Eve is the one night of the year when you can wear all the sequins and sparkles your heart desires without looking like a tacky walking disco ball. I'm all for being extra (you can catch me in four-inch rhinestone pumps when the clock strikes midnight next weekend), but there's something to be said about understated elegance, too — and that's the route Lili Reinhart is choosing this year.

Although her exact plans are TBD, the Riverdale star reveals that she'll be "in LA with my friends drinking champagne" for New Year's Eve. (Same, minus the LA part.) And she has an outfit in mind, too. "I've been buying a lot of silk slip dresses, so I'll probably wear something like that," Reinhart tells InStyle over a recent phone call to discuss her partnership with Affirm. "Nothing crazy, something simple."

Back in the '90s, silk slip dresses were the thing, thanks to supermodels like Kate Moss who wore them on repeat, and resident '90s fashion queen, Jennifer Aniston, who graced red carpets in the slinky look (and still does!) Ever since, they've reigned supreme as arguably the most effortlessly elegant piece you can have hanging in your closet. Oh, and did I mention that they're comfortable as hell? So, Reinhart is onto something by opting for a silk slip dress for New Year's Eve. Consider it the fancier (and way more stylish) version of a nightgown. Need I say more?

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But don't get it twisted: Reinhart isn't anti-sparkles for New Year's Eve. Au contraire, the actress (who's also quite skilled with a makeup brush, BTW), says she may incorporate some glitz into her beauty look on December 31. "I might throw some glitter on my face because that's always fun, and New Year's Eve is just a good occasion for that," she shares. Classic outfit, festive makeup — sounds like a solid plan to me.

And it turns out, comfortable clothes aren't only a priority for Reinhart on the holiday, but for the New Year ahead, too. "I've been really into long skirts and sweaters," she explains. "I think a midi skirt with a kind of oversized sweater is really cute. That's the vibe right now. Cozy." Same, Lili, same.

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While trying new trends is always fun (and Affirm makes it easier by allowing you to shop now and pay at your own pace over time), Reinhart explains that she's learned to invest in staple pieces that stand the test of time. 

"I'm not too into fast fashion, so I'm not constantly buying new clothes," she admits. "I like to buy more expensive staple pieces like a nice black sweater and nice expensive jeans that I know I can wear over and over and over again. It'll be worth the money because I'll wear it so much. So, [I do] that rather than constantly trying to re-up my wardrobe with new things."

One of those staple pieces that you can dress up or down during every season? Silk slip dresses. Take a page out of Reinhart's book (a lá the '90s) by celebrating New Year's Eve in one of these five affordable silk slip dresses from Target, and prepare to clink champagne flutes in style on December 31.

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