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The star’s sales of her popular wines boosted profits in the UK ad her rose prosecco is a best seller. According to sales data, every 1.5 seconds someone drinks one of her wines.

The princess of pop made almost £1.4million via her London-based firm Darenote, which is now worth £8.1million.

Kylie, 54, also made £700,000 via her touring firm Ten Minutes Touring Company, which is valued at £1.2million for the year up to the end of June 2022.

Her drinks have flown off the shelves and sold more than seven million bottles around the world. Last year it was reported Kylie’s prosecco alone had made £7.7million in sales.

The star, 54, who is worth £50million, quit Britain to return to her native Australia more than a year ago but she set up a deal with London winemakers Benchmark Drinks, which also sells a Gary Barlow and Gordon Ramsay range of wines.

Benchmark boss Paul Schaafsma said: “In my 25 years in the wine industry, I have never experienced such an overwhelming response to a brand in its first two years.”

Kylie has also made money on deals with Specsavers, a number of fragrances, a homeware and bedding range and a lingerie line called Love Kylie.

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