There’s never a good time to get COVID-19, but even so, Kim Kardashian and her family went through it during a particularly difficult stretch.

On Thursday night’s new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, viewers were let into one of the scariest times in the Kardashian-West household: both North and Saint West had been diagnosed with COVID-19, along with Kim herself. And to make matters even more difficult, Kim was scheduled to take the “baby bar” — California’s first-year law school exam — at the exact same time she was struggling with the virus. Not great!

It all started as Kim tried to prepare a lavish birthday party for Kris Jenner. Speaking in a KUWTK confessional, Kim first hinted at looming trouble by saying (below):

“I’m just like, stressing a little bit because my kids woke up and one of them had a runny nose, and no other symptoms. So, not a big deal.”

Well, it is a big deal, but OK… Things devolved from there, and in the following days, Kim first learned that Saint had tested positive.

In another clip, she shared the news about her 5-year-old and also noted that she was worried that 7-year-old North was also struggling with the virus:

“So, my little Sainty just tested positive for COVID. He’s doing OK, he doesn’t really have major symptoms. He just had a bit of a fever. Someone at school tested positive and my son was around them. So, Saint has COVID, and I’m just really worried about him. He was crying and coughing on me. North is saying she’s feeling sick and I slept in bed with her last night. She tested negative, but I’m gonna test her again with me on Saturday.”


That’s a lot to deal with. Not to mention how scary it all must be knowing your small children are sick in the middle of a pandemic, especially after your husband Kanye West already struggled with the virus at the very beginning.

As Kim did her best caring for North and Saint — thankfully, both kids would come out of it just fine in the end — she also had to deal with grueling study sessions. Initially scheduled in 12-hour (!) intervals with a tutor, plans suddenly changed when a title card in the middle of the episode shockingly revealed (below):

“Kim and the family tested positive for COVID. Production shut down for 14 days while the family and crew quarantined. Kim continued to film, self-shot.”

And then that makes three…

As part of her self-shot footage, we see the 40-year-old trying to make the most of her time in recovery by resting, studying alone in bed, and spending time with Saint, who was with her in the quarantine pod. And no matter how she felt physically, the KKW Beauty founder was determined to take the law school exam — which she did!

Calling it the “hardest thing” she’s ever done, the mom of four said afterwards in a self-filmed clip (below):

“I can’t believe I just finished the baby bar. I am so tired. I did it though. I pulled through. I’m proud of myself even if I don’t pass, it’s ok. If I don’t pass, I don’t care because I had COVID. And if I pass, then it’s a f**king miracle and I don’t know how I did that.”


Of course, as we previously learned, she failed the first-year exam. That wouldn’t end her lawyer dreams by any means, as she did prepare to retake the test to move forward! Hopefully now she can do so when she’s totally healthy with no other distractions…

ICYMI last night, you can watch the full katch-up recap of the episode (below):

Hmmm… isn’t it interesting how long they harp on the stringent testing and safety measures Kim took to celebrate her birthday on that private island… sure, girl!

And that’s not all!

KUWTK coverage collided with real-time controversy on Thursday night when BuzzFeed News published a piece contending Kim’s COVID diagnosis lined up almost perfectly with that infamous private island birthday bash she held a year ago. After all, nearly 50 people came together to celebrate Kim’s 40th in Tahiti at the very end of October, so it’d make sense that a gathering like that could spread the virus…

The reality TV superstar clearly felt to strongly about the accusation that she quote-tweeted the outlet’s reporting on Twitter last night and tried to walk back the timeline. In her rebuttal, Kim stuck with her claim that all of her family’s positive tests came via Saint, who caught the super-bug at school:

Do y’all believe that, though?! Or is Kim just trying to save face?? How can she be SO positive no one contracted COVID even asymptomatically with a false negative test??

After all, what schools were even open at that time in California?! Or was it one of those private learning pods for rich kids that apparently wasn’t testing students or teachers?!

Just wondering!!!

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