Kim Kardashian West is easily one of the most recognizable people on the planet. Though she gained some traction in the early 2000s as Paris Hilton’s best friend and assistant, her big break came in 2007 when she debuted on her family’s reality series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

In addition to being such a visible figure, Kardashian West’s body shape and figure have been heavily scrutinized. Her curvy body and butt have been a major topic of conversation for years.

In fact, many fans are convinced that the Skims founder has butt implants. Though the mother-of-four has never admitted to this, she recently refused to be filmed from the waist down.

There have been rumors about Kim Kardashian’s butt for years

For years, there has been a massive dialogue around Kardashian West’s butt. However, as of late, she’s refused to speak about it. The 40-year-old billionaire has even tried to prove her butt was real in the past, but she’s decided to let people believe what they want.

In fact, the rumors about her alleged butt implants have only gotten worse over the years, when a photo of Kardashian West was put online that shoes an indent in her buttocks.

“There is a picture of me in Miami wearing an electric blue dress, and another picture of me walking down Robertson,” she said. “You see the indent. And I think that’s when the rumors started: ‘She’s had implants.’”

The KKW Beauty mogul has maintained that the indent came from a cortisone shot she was getting to make her psoriasis more manageable.

Kim Kardashian West refused to be filmed from the waist down

Recently, the aspiring lawyer refused to be filmed from the waist down during an appearance in Hilton’s documentary series; This Is Paris. According to director Alexandra Dean, the KUWTK star was adamant about it.

“Kim did not want me to shoot her trousers,” Dean revealed on Behind The Velvet Rope With David Yontef podcast via Hollywood Life. However, the filmmaker explained that the reason Kardashian West refused to be filmed from the waist down had nothing to do with her buttocks.

Inside Kim Kardashian West’s filming requests

When Kardashian West showed up to film This Is Paris, she was not aware that the camera would look like it did. “She didn’t know that our lens was going to be as wide as it was,” Dean explained. “So [Kim] didn’t want the interview to start until we changed the lens, and she knew it was gonna be a mid-shot.”

Dean revealed that she was super impressed by the way the KKW Fragrance mogul handles her business. She explained,

Kardashian takes it to another level. She has orchestrated everything around her before you get close to doing an interview, I saw a real powerful, powerful intellect sitting across from me. She knew exactly what I was saying, exactly what [footage] I was going to use; her mind was way ahead of me. She was controlling everything in that room, noticed everything, saw everything.

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