Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are escaping all the drama with Kanye West by filling up on comfort food … but their attempt to do it on the QT was a pretty hilarious fail.

The couple rolled up to an In-N-Out in the L.A. area, and got in line at the drive-thru … and immediately drew plenty of attention. First of all, there’s nothing low-profile about Kim’s custom gray Mercedes-Benz sedan … so, the paparazzi certainly spotted them.

And then there’s the passersby on foot, and the restaurant employees who obviously recognized Pete and Kim — they’re only the most talked about couple in the country right now.

While waiting in the line for their food, Kim seemed to lean over for a little PDA with Pete … as they’re clearly not trying to hide their affection for each other anymore.

We hadn’t seen them together in public for a while, but after recently going IG official, doesn’t look like they’re holding anything back now — no matter how much it might upset Ye.

Seeing these 2 indulge in classic fast food makes us wonder, though — animal style?

Definitely. In-N-Out lovers get it.

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