Kerry Katona has hit back at fans who questioned whether she’d been using Instagram filters on her 14 year old daughter Heidi.

The star took to Instagram yesterday to post a photo of her daughter, Heidi, however some fans queried whether she’d been using filters on the photo, despite her young age.

Posting a photo to her of 775k followers of Heidi wearing a stripy top and black hat, Kerry wrote: “My god… Just beautiful!!!!”

One fan quipped: “Why use filters on her? The younger one yeah, but not this one.”

Another commenter added: “Beautiful! Hope that isn't a damn filter though!”

In response, Kerry fired back: “are you joking!! I would NEVER use a filter on my child!!!”

Meanwhile, another said: “She is only 14… let her have a childhood”, to which Kerry simply replied “Eh???”

Other fans praised Kerry's photo of Heidi though, with one commenting: "Heidi has grown into a beautiful young lady". Another added: "Fair play Kerry, you make beautiful children!"

Kerry has five children – daughters Molly and Lilly-Sue, from a previous marriage to Brian McFadden, Heidi and Max from her marriage to Mark Croft, and, daughter Dylan-Jorge Rose, from her marriage to George Kay, whom she split from in 2015.

The 41-year-old regularly posts family photos of her children to her followers and is open about how her fame can sometimes negatively effect her family.

She recently revealed that her children have been teased at school about her previous struggles with addiction.

In her column for new!, Kerry wrote: "What hurts is that even 13 years sober, kids still tease my children in the playground about my past. Even though my kids never witnessed me taking drugs, they are the ones still suffering for it all these years later. I never take my recovery for granted either."

She's also opened up about how Heidi had changed school due to bullying.

Kerry explained: "Heidi started at a new school last week. It’s the same school DJ goes to, and Mollie and Lilly went there, too.

"I’m so happy. It’s a really good private school, and I’m proud that I’ve managed to turn my financial situation around to be able to afford to send them there.

"Heidi really struggled at the end of the school year, before summer. She was being bullied. We also moved house and she had to say goodbye to a lot of friends. She’s 14 and it’s a tough age.

"She felt down on life – everything was negative. I felt she’d lost her spark. But a week into her new school, she seemed so excited. I could see that spark in her face again and I’m so pleased."

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