In her weekly column with new magazine, Kerry Katona gives us the lowdown on what is happening in her life.

This week, Kerry, 40, bravely speaks out about getting help for her anxiety battle and explains that she has a real fear of dying. The star also discusses considering moving back up north to be nearer to her mother and friends.

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It's ok to not be ok

Stacey Solomon has told how she has a crippling fear of dying – and I can completely relate to her. I’ve been really suffering with my anxiety recently. I’ve actually gone back on medication for it. You should always be able to reach out and ask for help. I had intrusive thoughts about me dying – and I even had thoughts about my children dying. The anxiety of death is a real thing. Even when I get a headache, I worry that I’ve got a brain tumour. Everything in my life is amazing and I couldn’t be more grateful, but I think I’m scared of something going wrong. I feel like I’m suffering a bit with PTSD. Everything I’ve been through in the past has suddenly hit me because my life has been so calm for the first time in a long time. I preach for everyone to speak out, yet I myself wasn’t getting help. It took a lot of guts for me to ask for help but I just knew I had to speak to someone – and I’m so glad I did. My doctor has been amazing.

Moving north

I’m considering moving back up north because I want to be closer to my friends and my mum. Nothing is set in stone yet, but we’ve been thinking about it for a while. It would be nice to just have someone to go for a coffee with, and then my mum can help out with childcare. We will see what happens!


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I'll miss Piers

I watched the Harry and Meghan interview with Oprah twice, and then I tuned into Piers Morgan on talking about it. I thought what he said about Meghan and her mental health was disgusting. So many people struggle to speak out about their mental health and I think someone with his platform and power saying something like that can be dangerous. Piers held a lot of people to account during the pandemic and he was bloody brilliant, but his comments disappointed me. The programme won’t be the same without him now he’s left, but I’ll still be tuning in every morning. I’d like to see Ben Shephard or Andi Peters replace him. But no one can ever be Piers Morgan. I’ll miss him on that show!

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Panto fun

I’m filming a panto at the moment, which is for adults only because it’s quite a cheeky play. It’s called Throbbin’ Hood and it’ll be available to stream online. It’s very rude and very funny. I’ve always wanted to do one. John Barrowman has done one, and so has Julian Clary, and they are hilarious. When I do a normal panto, obviously we put innuendos in there for the adults, but you can get away with so much more with this. It’s for all the adults while the kids go back to school. It’s about just having a giggle and making people laugh in this really crap time. After the comments Piers made, I’ve got a feeling he might be joining me in panto later this year. But don’t worry, Piers, you can be the rear end of the horse! Oh, no you wont…

Getting some normality back

DJ went back to school last week. She was excited to be back, but she’s been feeling really tired after getting back into her routine. And I’m not going to lie, my anxiety was through the roof with her going back. She’s been my little shadow and I’ve been so used to her being by my side every day. DJ is one of my best friends in the whole world. So even though I struggled with homeschooling, I’ll miss her!

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