Kate Garraway, 55, has explained her concerns about her husband, Derek Draper, 54, after the former lobbyist has been spending a lot of time in the hospital. The star took to Instagram today, with a peaceful post of her back garden in order to show off her gardening skills as a means of temporarily distracting herself.

The star said on Instagram to her 1.1 million followers: “So Derek has been in and out of hospital a lot recently – hopefully the wonderful health teams will help him improve but I woke up early feeling exhausted & very fretful.

“As you know my garden is my #happyplace so came out for some #calm and to get stuck in to some weeding & planting.

“It’s been ages since have been able to & I really missed it but nature hasn’t me. The flowers are blooming, fruits growing , leaves dancing in the breeze.

“Am sure there’s a message in there somewhere for how life finds a way , and I certainly feel better for being in amongst it.

“Now to get my hands dirty & get stuck in! #happysundayeveryone and hope you find some joy!”

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