Judi Love says more needs to be done to tackle the issue of racism in our country and that the racial abuse faced by England players after the Euros final serves as a trigger for the black community.

Writing in her exclusive weekly OK! magazine column, Judi believes it's about education and allies and urges everyone to call out things at home or in the workplace that don't feel right. Sign up – for free! – to see what Judi has to say.

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Football fallout

As a black woman, as soon as those boys [England players Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho] missed their penalties in the Euros final, I thought “here we go”.

I need people to understand how traumatic it is for people in the black community to witness, who face racism in their own lives. It’s a trigger and a constant reminder of what you or your loved ones have been through. It feels like some of society only want you when it’s beneficial to them and that’s a hard thing to feel when you’re born here.

More needs to be done. It’s about education and allies – especially white allies – speaking to family members and workplaces when they see or hear things that aren’t right. I have seen many people standing up for black communities over the past week and that’s really beautiful, but there’s still a lot to do.

Body positive

Last week, Love Island star Amy Hart spoke about turning down modelling a bikini on TV as she felt uncomfortable, before changing her mind and saying, “We’re all ‘bikini ready.’”

If you’re worried about being bikini ready, who is that for? If it’s for yourself, that’s fine. But if you’re trying to conform to what’s deemed as “acceptable” then that’s the image we have to smash. How many things do we avoid because we’re concerned our body doesn’t fit?

It’s great that Amy recognised this thought process and corrected herself. Good on you, girl.

Not feeling the love

This year on Love Island, I don’t feel like any of the couples really like each other! There’s been a lot of swapping and changing. Usually by the end of the first two weeks there are a handful of couples who seem pretty solid, but at this point, I feel like most of the Islanders could have their heads turned. It’s definitely going to be interesting to see how it plays out in the next few weeks – bring on Casa Amor, I say!

Joy for Emma

Emma Bunton’s lovely wedding news really made me think that we should never judge others for things like
long engagements. Why do we put pressure on people to conform to a “norm”?

I know people who have met and married within months and others who have been together for decades without marrying.

That being said, when my Mr Right comes along, I’m 41, so don’t be making me wait 20 years for a wedding!


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Staycation fun

I had some time off last week and I went to Bristol with one of my besties. One thing that Covid has taught us is how much we take the UK for granted. It’s definitely made us appreciate it a bit more. There are some really nice old buildings in Bristol that have been turned into bars and restaurants. Clifton is so beautiful. I had a lovely time with some peace and tranquillity.

As a parent, I find it’s important to take a break on my own – so last week was mummy time! However, before I went away I spent some special time with both my children, including a dinner with my daughter at Sketch in London and a private screening of Space Jam with my son.

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