Masterchef: John Torode swears after contestant finishes dish

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John Torode, 57, famously burned a tea towel live on air as he cooked a traditional English breakfast in 2020 on This Morning. The Celebrity MasterChef host has spoken exclusively to about why he is not “embarrassed” about what happened and why he thinks he dealt with the situation “quite well”.

I can’t be embarrassed because it happens!

John Torode

Speaking about the incident, John told “It was very good TV, but I mean I suppose it’s something that happens when you work in professional kitchens you have to stay in control and not panic.

“You can’t lose control, you have to continue with what you’re doing. I mean, I also can’t be embarrassed because it happens.”

John was recreating a McDonalds McMuffin in April 2020 at his home and was appearing on This Morning via video call.

As John began to toast the muffins he failed to notice a tea towel left on the hob had set alight.

Hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby frantically tried to warn John but his cries were left unheard as the flames got bigger.

Luckily, John finally spotted the fire and dealt with it very professionally, throwing it into the sink as his alarm began to ring in the house.

Recalling what happened, John told “Again, you need to remember at that time we were in full lockdown.

“I had some camera equipment, which I’d had to set up myself inside my own home kitchen. I had a cameraman around the corner on a viewing screen.

“I did have an earpiece in but because it’s televised there is a delay.

“I had to cook at the same time, I had another screen on my bench, I had a camera in front of me, I had an earpiece in my ear, I had a cameraman in front of me.

“So I had just forgotten I had left the flame on, and of course I dropped the tea towel and because there is a delay of three seconds of whatever in case somebody swears on TV and they need to cut it out!”

The BBC star is currently on Celebrity MasterChef alongside his close friend Gregg Wallace.

Speaking about their relationship, John revealed: “We have this great relationship where we have great respect for each other.

“We don’t really talk to each other about things when we don’t hang out with each other because I suppose we’ve got different lives.

“So, I mean he is a very understanding and clever man who understands how to do business.

“He knows you’ve got to work really bloody hard, and that’s another bit of respect as we both work really bloody hard. We’re not lazy about it and we look after each other.”

John has been partnered with Ninja Kitchen for the past couple of months, with the chef ecstatic about working with the company.

He said: “You may just think it’s just a saucepan or pan, or whatever it may be. But I have to tell you, it’s been gifted to everybody in my family since I have started working with them.

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“I don’t work with people unless I think they’re really cool. They are great, so versatile and you don’t need to have that many pieces.

“You can buy single items and you get them through Amazon, leading me to send them to my whole family!”

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