“Museum” worthy items

John Stamos has a case of sticky fingers on the sets of his shows. While appearing on the Drew Barrymore Show, the affable actor revealed that he took the iconic red doors from “Full House” and the original couch. “I stole a lot of things from that show, from all shows,” he admitted before a photo showed one of the red doors at John’s actual home. “We were building a bathroom on our house and I said, ‘Oh I have these old doors from Full House,'” John said. He then joked, “But every time I walk out of the bathroom I expect people to clap and applause, you know when you make an entrance on a sitcom.” After revealing he has the “original couch,” Drew felt that it should “be in a museum.” John wondered, “Do you want to buy it?”

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Ashes to ashes

Kris Jenner could be wearable in the future. On “The Kardashians,” the famous momager was seen in bed recovering from hip replacement surgery. She then revealed that Kim Kardashian wanted to keep her mom’s hip bone. “Kim asked the doctor to save her my bones so she could make jewelry out of it,” Kris told Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. The Kylie Cosmetics maven thought the idea was “weird” and “creepy.” Khloe quickly chimed in, asking Kris, “Remember when you wanted your ashes, you wanted to be cremated and made into necklaces for us?” Ever the businesswoman, Kris said, “That’s a great idea.” Khloe and Kylie weren’t exactly as sold as the mom was. Kris Jenner Jewelry… literally.

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Still not walking

“Bachelor in Paradise” star Casey Woods hasn’t walked since collapsing on the set of the ABC show four months ago. The reality TV star took to social media this week to give fans an update on his condition. “Went into Paradise at my physical, mental, and spiritual best… left with 3 broken bones… haven’t walked in over 4 months, but trying to remain positive,” he wrote on Instagram Oct. 19. “Thank you to everyone sending sweet messages… it means the world.” Casey—who first appeared on Michelle Young’s season of “The Bachelorette”— seemed to hurt his ankle during his medical incident, which aired this week. “Just to be clear, this is my foot in a cast right now. Tonight. I haven’t walked in over 4 months,” he said on Oct. 17. In a bit of good news, Casey’s cast was removed on Oct. 20.

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Settlement No. 1

Travis Scott has reached a settlement with the family of an Astroworld victim. It’s the first known settlement of the cases stemming from last year’s fatal music festival, TMZ reports. An attorney who reps the family of Axel Acosta told the website that terms of the out-of-court settlement are confidential. Axel, who died of injuries suffered at the November 2021 concert, traveled from Washington to see the Houston show. The 21-year-old was one of 10 people who died at the festival due to a crowd surge. The rapper, who headlined and founded the festival, is still dealing with many other lawsuits. In the fallout of the tragedy, Travis was heavily criticized for not stopping the concert during the surge. He maintained that that he was unaware of the situation as it unfolded.

Meghan’s got it wrong

Whoopi Goldberg had some thoughts after Meghan Markle said she was “reduced to a bimbo” during her time as a “briefcase girl” on “Deal of No Deal.” To put it lightly, Whoopi wasn’t backing the Duchess. “My point is, if you see it and that’s how you feel, just maybe you don’t want to make the other women feel bad because maybe they’re not — you know, maybe they’re trying to make a living too,” Whoopi said on “The View.” “The objectification might be coming from you and how you felt about how these women were being portrayed.” On her “Archetypes” podcast this week, Meghan said shaded the show, saying she was “forced to be all looks and little substance.” Whoopi was more of the “a job is a job” mentality, particularly for someone trying to break into the industry, as Meghan was at the time. “When you’re a performer, you take the gig… sometimes, you’re in a bozo suit, sometimes you got a big nose, and this is just the way it is,” she said. Whoopi, who often sides with Meghan, felt that Prince Harry’s wife forgot what the job was. “I just want to say that on that show, you basically had a suitcase. And [the contestants] want to know, is this the deal you want or is this not the deal you want?,” the comedy icon said. “I don’t know that the people who were sitting there are thinking bout you like that. They’re thinking, ‘I want the money.'”

Deep dive into split?

Shade! After 11 years together, Shakira and Gerard Piqué split in June. Now, she seems to be shedding some light onto the breakup with her new song, which many believe to be about her ex. In “Monotonía,” meaning Monotony in English, Shakira sings in Spanish, “It wasn’t your fault, nor was it mine. It was monotony’s fault. I never said anything but it hurt me. I knew this would happen.” The Colombian singer notes that kisses don’t have the same impact either. “You left me because of your narcissism. You forgot what you used to be,” she sings before implying that the relationship became one-sided. “Distant with your attitude, and that filled me with worry. You didn’t give even half. I know I gave more than you.” 

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