Javicia Leslie opens up about her upcoming Batwoman character!

The 33-year-old recently dished on the similarities she shares with Ryan Wilder.

“When I read the character description, it was definitely me,” Javicia told EW. “I loved the idea that it’s like goofy meets badass meets a person who doesn’t like to be told what to do, a person who does not like to follow the rules.”

“It’s really hard for me sometimes when it comes to like, ‘Well, okay, you have to do it this way as Javicia versus what you had to do when you’re an actor and you’re trying to present yourself,’” she added. “I loved the fact that Ryan is just who I am — just a hot mess.”

“I’m really into action. This has literally been my dream. It’s so funny because in May I did an interview and I said, ‘One of my future goals and one of biggest dreams is to become a superhero,’” Javicia said. “I wanted to be a Black superhero. You don’t get to see that that often. Then a month later, I become the first Black Batwoman.”

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