Javicia Leslie is opening up about filming stunt scenes on Batwoman!

The 31-year-old actress made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about her CW series.

Javicia dished on doing her own stunts and even revealed they have to film the stunt scenes a couple of times because she gets too giddy and laughs.

“Now, we go into these stunts an they have to do two takes. They have to do one take where they know I’m going to break and laugh, and smile, and then they’ll do another take where I’ll actually try to take it serious and be in character,” she told Ellen.

“This Sunday’s episodes, I get to pretty much skydive. So I really want you guys to see it, it’s going to be really dope,” she teased up about the upcoming episode.

If you missed the exciting news, Batwoman was recently renewed for a third season!

Coming up in May, the series will also move to a new time slot, 9pm ET/PT on Sunday nights, with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow taking the 8pm slot when it premieres on May 2nd. Find out about all of the upcoming schedule changes coming to The CW!

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