On Thursday morning, Jamie Lynn Spears opted to open up a little bit about her big sister, pop star Britney Spears, while doing a live interview with Good Morning America.

The younger Spears sister, 29, hasn’t spoken publicly about her older sister very much, but GMA host Michael Strahan tossed out a question about her well-being, and the Zoey 101 alum took the bait.

Now, Jamie Lynn was relatively light on the details; there was no discussion of Britney’s controversial conservatorship, or the apparent behind-the-scenes battles being waged for control of it, and her. Still, the mom of two nevertheless shed some light on what seems like a very tough year for her big sis, and the whole family.

Asked by the former football star about how the Baby One More Time singer has been handling things of late, Jamie Lynn offered up this tidbit during their virtual chat:

“I think that she’s doing just like the rest of us. She’s trying to make the best and stay positive during a very challenging time and challenging year, and I think that that’s kind of the theme of everyone right now.”

Well said, and always having her sister’s back!

There’s no question 2020 has seen us all struggle in one way or another. We can’t wait to turn the page…

Of course, Britney’s current situation is also a bit beyond the typical 2020 complaints. As we’ve been reporting, the endless power struggle over her now 13-year-long conservatorship continues. Meanwhile, the #FreeBritney movement — which the girls’ father Jamie has previously called a “joke” made up of “conspiracy theorists” — has continued to gain more traction, as well. And all this while the pop princess suddenly stepped back from Instagram, for reasons unclear. It never ends!

Brit aside, Jamie Lynn was on the national daytime TV morning show to promote her work on a Zoey 101 music video reunion. During the chat, she spoke more about that as well as her family life and time spent at home over the last eight months during the coronavirus pandemic.

You can watch the Louisiana native’s full Thursday morning interview with Strahan on GMA (below):

Love to see Jamie Lynn coming into her own as an artist and actor, y’all!

More to the point here, though: what do U make of her comment about Britney? Just a quick throwaway to get it out there and move on, or did something catch your interest in what Jamie Lynn had to say?

Sound OFF with your take on everything Britney-related, all down in the comments (below)…

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