A dramatic change is always fun, but James Charles’ bald head has seriously surprised fans. And when I say bald, I mean totally hairless; this isn’t just a short buzzcut. Charles showed off this new look on his way to a restaurant and even the paparazzi were shocked. As soon as the BeauTuber steps out of his car in a paparazzi video shared on Feb. 11, his impressively spherical head is on full display. The person recording the video notes that Charles looks like a supermodel, and I totally agree. There’s something classy about this new style.

Already, fans have declared the new look a bald cap, but Charles says otherwise. "It’s real. I just did it today," he says in the video, claiming that it was him who did the honors and took a razor to his hair. He added that this change was for a video, so fans may even get the chance to watch Charles’ latest transformation. Still, it’s unconfirmed if Charles is telling a really good lie — seriously, I don’t know how he got the shave so clean — but I’m living for it regardless. The style really draws all the attention his eye makeup.

Like most times when Charles does anything, Twitter is already exploding with opinions. This look may be one of his most polarizing yet. "Ok, so I know it’s a bald cap, but he literally looks so good, I’m a bit disappointed it’s not real," one user wrote. "I’m loving it, sister!" another fan posted. Although, there are some naysayers hoping that this is a bald cap and an elaborate prank, I have my fingers crossed that it’s real. Bald James Charles is serving in the best way, and I won’t hear any slander about it.

Fans probably won’t know the full truth until Charles shares whatever video he has cooking. Until then, I suggest you just sit down and enjoy the absolutely amazing and bold look that is Bald James Charles. And, as you wait, you should definitely enjoy some of the Twitter storm currently taking over my timeline.

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