Bud Light is reminding us to turn lemons into lemonade in their 2021 Super Bowl commercial!

The commercial for the brewery’s new lemonade seltzer starts with friends standing around a cooler at an outdoor barbeque and reflecting on 2020, which they call a “lemon of a year.”

Then in a flashback to a 2020 New Year’s Eve celebration, a couple’s kiss is interrupted when lemons suddenly start raining from the sky, smashing a glass table.

The world erupts into chaos as the bizarre weather continues, with everyone from bike riders to baseball players being pelted with lemons. A bride is also shown cowering under a table as lemons rain down on her wedding day.

When the clip cuts back to the group at the barbeque and one friend jokes, “Well you know what they say, when life gives you lemons…” and his friend interrupts with, “We know the saying, Mark.”

Watch the full commercial below!

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