Melanie C has opened up about her sweet relationship with daughter, Scarlet, 12, in a chat with OK!.

The Spice Girl – who has joined the latest series of The Voice Kids – spoke about her daughter, saying that Scarlet has "great talents."

The mum, who also appeared on Dancing Wit The Stars recently, admitted: "I’ve always loved children, but when you become a mum you feel very responsible for young people. One of the biggest things they have to deal with is social media.

"My daughter Scarlet is 12 so she’s into the world of TikTok and Instagram."

Melanie continued to say she was very proud of her daughter's talents and personality, and that she enjoys the same interests as her mum.

She added: "She is completely her own person and she has great talents.

"I think, luckily for her, they’re in other areas. She loves music, but she doesn’t want to step into my shoes, and she’s very much an individual. She’s brilliant and she inspires me every day."

The star also let slip that we could be seeing a lot more of the Spice Girls soon, as she'd love to tour again with her bandmates.

When OK! asked if there would be another Spice Girls tour, Melanie said: "There will be if I’ve got anything to do with it [laughs]. We’re constantly talking about it. The girls have had meetings and it’s something we all passionately want to do."

Melanie added that the girls are closer than ever, saying: "We’re in the best place ever. We have more respect for each other than ever before, we’re all mums and we all know each other so well."

When asked if she missed Victoria Beckham – who didn't get involved in the bands' last tour – she said that she was involved in "creative" aspects of the shows.

Melanie explained: "Even though Victoria wasn’t with us on stage, she was with us in spirit and 100% there behind the scenes. We wanted her to be happy with everything, so she was heavily involved with all of the creative aspects of the show."

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