Glamour is highlighting the evolving look of the fashion industry by featuring five new supermodels on the cover of the mag’s September 2019 issue.

Senyabou Cissé, Iskra Lawrence, Alessandra Garcia Lorido, Yvonne Simone, and Solange van Doorn represent the body-positive and diverse fashion industry of today.

Alessandra and Iskra opened up about how “plus-size” models still cater to the smaller end.

“I’m a size 12,” Alessandra said. “I don’t represent girls that are size 22. I don’t know what that feels like, and I shouldn’t be speaking for them. I shouldn’t be representing them. I can represent myself; if they relate, if they are inspired by me, then great.”

Iskra added, “I can’t promise you that you’re [always] going to feel represented…So I want people to know if you can’t see yourself, you can still be it, you can still do it. You might need to be that representation.”

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