The famous Folgers coffee jingle, “The best part of wakin’ up is Folgers in your cup” is up for grabs … the royalties for a piece of coffee history are on the auction block.

The bidding started this week at $63,000 and we’re told there have already been 16 bids, with the auction entering its final stages at the Royalty Exchange.

The auction house says the Folgers jingle royalties for the past 12 months paid $11,747 and since 2011 the song’s earned a total of $38,164 … with more than half, about $20k, coming in the past 2 years … so it’s a long-term investment.

The winning bidder will own the songwriter’s share of public performance royalties … and get paid any time the song is used in commercials, on TV, in movies, on traditional and satellite radio, plus internet streaming.

The current bid stands at $70,700 and bids are in increments of $550 … and the auction ends Thursday at 5 PM ET … so it’s coming down to the wire!!!

Oh and it’s national coffee day too … see, Folgers knows how to market.

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