Dwayne Johnson is changing his tune after endorsing President Biden‘s 2020 campaign — instead, he’s now distancing himself from POTUS in a very public way … on Joe Rogan‘s super popular podcast.

The Rock and Rogan were bemoaning the fact most Americans pick their friends based on political affiliation, these days — but the actor said he doesn’t discriminate, and has Trump-lovin’ pals and friends who support Biden.

But when Joe asked him if he really does have Biden-backing friends, Dwayne clarified he meant he had buddies loyal to the Democratic party. Basically, he’s no longer aligning himself with Joe’s leadership!

Dwayne has clearly been making quite the impact in politics … recently divulging on Trevor Noah‘s Spotify podcast that last year he was approached by several political parties to see if he would run for President. That’s following a 2021 poll revealing 46% of Americans would vote for him.

While he said those numbers make him confident that if he were to go down that road, he could be a real contender — however, he added there’s a lot about politics he “hates,” and right now he just wants to spend time with his kids.

The rock Chuck Schumer white house

Dwayne did say he’d reconsider running in the future — and Wednesday in D.C. he looked every bit like a politician.

He spent the day meeting with several Senators, on both sides of the aisle … including Chuck Schumer, Jon Tester, Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins.

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